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Digital Innovation Unit achieve international accreditation

We are very proud to announce that our Digital Innovation Unit (DIU) have successfully achieved International Standard Organisation (ISO) accreditation to the prestigious ISO 9001 and 27001 quality standards.

The ‘9001’ and the ‘27001’ quality standards focus on ‘Design’ and ‘Information Security Management’ respectively.

This success follows 18 months of hard work and planning culminating with an external in-depth assessment against the required ISO standards, which will be repeated annually from now on to maintain the ISO standards.

Debbie Bywater, Chief Information Officer, added: “This is an excellent achievement for the DIU and and the NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU and an example of our commitment to ensuring quality and efficiency in all that we do.

“The new standards help us in enhancing our credibility with clients and their peace of mind that our services carry the ISO stamp of quality assurance.”

These accreditations are increasingly a pre-requisite to the delivery of digital services at NHS organisations. The DIU will now be able to provide support to even more customers and help them meet their digital transformation goals.

Well done to our colleagues in the Digital Innovation Unit.