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As a change and improvement partner, we support end-to-end redesign of clinical pathways, enabling integration and providing digitally-enabled, user-centric approaches to care management.

Our multidisciplinary teams can support you to identify and deliver transformation and improvement priorities, and solve problems by delivering new models of care and increase service capacity. And more specifically, we have expert teams delivering improvements in both planned care and urgent care settings:

Planned care

  • Patient Engagement Portal Implementation
    We offer advanced digital services to aid patients in managing appointments and care information, thereby improving patient experience and waitlist control. Our support extends from designing to embedding Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) systems.
  • Enhanced Waiting List Management
    Our comprehensive approach helps validate waiting lists and comprehend health inequalities, subsequently improving patient experience and increasing capacity utilisation. We achieve this by combining our data analysis, digital innovation, and referral management resources.
  • Outpatient Transformation
    We assist providers in understanding the drivers of their outpatient activity, enabling an effective transformation of care. Our solution integrates data management, evidence-based insights, and pathway optimisation to address outpatient challenges.

For more details, view our short presentation.

Nursing and urgent care

  • Urgent Care Support and Escalation Management
    Our team, well-versed in urgent and emergency care, enhances the management of unplanned care across health and social care systems, ensuring patients receive timely care. We utilise real-time data to make precise, evidence-based decisions, improving patient flow and system pressures. We offer a unified view across multiple systems to stimulate service improvements.
  • Urgent Care and Patient Flow
    We provide bespoke solutions to your healthcare environment to diminish length of stay and enhance patient outcomes. As your independent partner, we offer comprehensive diagnostic reports, encourage staff development, and establish a collaborative work culture rooted in data and clinical evidence. Our commitment to transparency and sustainable practices aims to reduce hospital stays, eliminate unwarranted variations and optimise workforce skill utilisation.
  • Clinical Quality and Safety
    Our clinicians, enriched with recent clinical, peer review, and CQC experience, are uniquely equipped to bolster NHS and wider health care system delivery. We provide tailored solutions and foster local ownership through active coaching, aiming to facilitate sustainable, positive change in healthcare quality and patient satisfaction.

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Our process for delivering strategic planning in population health management and for service redevelopment, implementation, monitoring and improvement in integrated service delivery is:

  • identify needs and improvement opportunities
  • prioritise needs and allocate resources
  • set the ambition for improvement
  • design the service to meet population needs
  • manage the service through outcomes, quality and value.

Our core services include:

  • clinical and pharmacy strategy development
  • end to end pathway redesign
  • implementation
  • continuous improvement
  • digital transformation, interoperability and innovation
  • workforce planning and transformation
  • data and analytics.

We deliver our core services fully supported by our full range of enabling services such as communications and engagement and financial management, and we use a modular approach underpinned by flexibility and tailored to your needs.

See also: Place, community and primary care transformation

Our key strengths

  • Member of the NHS Family, proven responsive partner
  • Understanding of key complexities faced by systems
  • Innovation, capability and capacity to shape service design, improvement and implementation
  • Sharing of best practice, leveraging prior experience
  • Independence – objectivity to facilitate collaboration
  • Multidisciplinary team – our varied specialists
  • Insights drawn by specialists (for example in medicines optimisation, nursing and urgent care), from the data we manage.

Key leads

Clare Thomason

Lead for services in Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside

Martin Pope

Lead for services in the Midlands

Miranda Pilkington

Lead for services to NHS England and national bodies

Janet Budd

Lead for Clinical redesign, integration and provider collaboration

We think you’ll need 

  • Improving urgent and planned care: reducing backlogs, managing demand, raising patient outcomes and experience.
  • Making the most of the opportunity to redesign health and care services, using digital tools, workforce and cross-sector collaboration to realise the Triple Aim
  • Managing large volume and scale of change, and competing priorities
  • Developing digital infrastructure and solutions that enable shared care records and joined-up data across systems
  • Developing an integrated workforce and addressing gaps
  • Enabling providers with differing levels of maturity to work seamlessly together within population segments and pathways
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News, views and case studies

21 September 2023

Stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both (STOMP) 

We tackled overmedication in individuals with learning disabilities and autism by upskilling primary care pharmacists, facilitating structured medication reviews, and creating a…

19 September 2023

Two awards at the HSJ Patient Safety Awards

We are thrilled to announce that our Medicines Management and Optimisation team has won two awards for Improving Medicines Safety and Learning…

5 September 2023

Join us at The Pharmacy Show 2023

Join us at The Pharmacy Show on 15-16 October 2023 to learn how NHS Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) help health systems and…

1 September 2023

LDA project shortlisted for the 2023 HSJ Awards

NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) is delighted to announce that our work to develop a community of practice for stopping the…

25 August 2023

Preventing cardiovascular diseases through lipid therapy modification 

We adopted a systematic strategy to identify primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease which resulted in enhanced lipid therapy, lifestyle advice…

17 August 2023

Improving the safety of patients prescribed clozapine

Our partnership with a local mental health trust resulted in advancements in addressing inadequate clozapine documentation, leading to improved patient safety, optimised…

2 August 2023

Inhaler prescribing errors: Identifying risks and improving patient safety

We improved patient safety and raised awareness across GPs, hospitals and community pharmacy of the risks of prescribing inhalers containing duplicate ingredients…

31 July 2023

Improving epilepsy services and reducing health inequalities

We brought together patients, experts and care system partners to identify areas of concern which contribute to premature avoidable death in people…

18 July 2023

Improving the quality of life and tackling premature mortality for people with a learning disability, autism and epilepsy

NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU), in partnership with national experts at the University of Plymouth, Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust,…

22 June 2023

Finalists for three more nominations at HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2023

NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) has received three further nominations at the HSJ Patient Safety Awards in addition to the reducing…

22 June 2023

Patient flow efficiency in five acute and community trusts

We successfully improved patient flow efficiency in five acute and community trusts, achieving zero ambulance delays, reducing handover times, and implementing timely…

19 June 2023

Reducing mortality project shortlisted for HSJ Patient Safety Award

The NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) is thrilled to share that our project to reduce mortality in people with learning disabilities…

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