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Digital transformation is not simply about technology – it is about change management enabled by technology to improve access and quality of patient care and optimise processes for clinicians and health systems.

We partner with clients to deliver transformation programmes by diagnosing challenges, designing and deploying solutions and optimising for scale.

Our process follows three stages:

  • Design (including discovering and designing solutions)
  • Deliver (refining solutions and developing programmes) and
  • Optimise (implementing transformation and optimising for scale)

We can support you to develop and implement:

  • Digitally enabled care models and pathways
  • Integrated ways of working and optimise the workforce
  • Shared care records and data sharing across providers
  • Digital solutions for care access
  • Remote monitoring tools and virtual health
  • Patient facing AI such as self service and chat bots
  • Digital infrastructure for diagnostics and investigation
  • Upskilling training to enable digital value and efficiency.

Our key strengths

  • Understanding the dynamics of healthcare working in the NHS
  • Embodying NHS core values and culture
  • An experienced team with specialist skills in fundamental and complex areas including clinical, change management, digital innovation and information governance
  • A unique position to provide a blend of services based on your individual digital transformation needs
  • An innovator and incubator of digital solutions in a healthcare context
  • Drawing upon a partnership network of external industry leaders
  • A system partner that facilitates knowledge sharing between systems and replicates services across the ICS landscape.

Key leads

Clare Thomason

Lead for services in Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside

Martin Pope

Lead for services in the Midlands

Miranda Pilkington

Lead for services to NHS England and national bodies

Debbie Bywater

Lead for Digital transformation and IT

We think you’ll need

  • Strategic planning of large scale transformation towards integrated digital healthcare
  • Minimise disruption and achieve a smooth transition to the effective functioning of digital processes and human practices
  • Redesign clinical pathways with technology in mind to improve quality of care
  • Use technology to improve access to care and create the best patient experience
  • Sustain and build upon innovation in digitally-enabled care accelerated by COVID-19
  • Support the workforce to realise the benefits of new ways of working
  • Establish connectivity and data sharing practices between multiple IT systems to enable integrated care records
  • Find affordable and sustainable digital solutions to achieve system and cost efficiency.
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News, views and case studies

4 September 2023

Excellence in Informatics Accreditation achieved

We are thrilled to announce that our Data, Digital and Technology directorate has achieved the prestigious “Excellence in Informatics” Level 2 accreditation…

9 May 2023

E-learning product on net-zero carbon emissions target

Our e-learning product on net-zero carbon emissions raised awareness amongst staff of both organisational and national net-zero targets and helped to raise…

11 April 2023

From strategy to execution: Delivering a comprehensive digital transformation investment plan

We prepared a comprehensive three-year Digital Transformation Investment Plan that seamlessly integrated into the full Integrated Care Board (ICB) Plan, driving digital…

20 March 2023

Evaluating a digital tool to manage caseload and care in community mental health​

We helped reduce mental health crisis rates and optimise user flows by introducing a new data capture tool, evaluating existing digital tools…

26 January 2023

Using automation to reduce waiting lists across two ICSs

Using a combination of automated chatbot, robotic process automation and human call agents, we helped trusts within two integrated care systems (ICSs)…

8 July 2022

Digitally enabling blood pressure monitoring at home

We helped the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System increase patients measuring their blood pressure at home, delivering a major digital transformation…

1 June 2022

Enabling remote healthcare monitoring in Black Country and West Birmingham

We designed and implemented a programme of transformation to enable remote monitoring across healthcare in the Black Country and West Birmingham health…

5 April 2022

Increasing the uptake of health checks for patients with severe mental illness

We helped integrated care systems increase numbers of annual physicals health checks for patients with severe mental illness by finding and implementing…

25 January 2022

Using automation to reduce waiting lists

We have helped a hospital trust to tackle the backlog of waiting lists while maintaining quality of care by using a combination of…

19 January 2022

Supporting development of national digital strategies

Our Transformation Unit was commissioned by NHSX to support in the development of its national digital strategies for ambulance, community, dentistry, optometry…

11 August 2021

Quick and easy patient referrals for post-Covid illness

Our Data Quality team developed a custom data input template to streamline referrals of patient with post-Covid illness, saving time and effort…

19 July 2021

UBook transforms room booking at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

We created a single online system which allows staff at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust to book desks, meeting rooms…

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