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Digital transformation is not simply about technology – it is about change management enabled by technology to improve access and quality of patient care and optimise processes for clinicians and health systems.

We partner with clients to deliver transformation programmes by diagnosing challenges, designing and deploying solutions and optimising for scale.

Our process follows three stages:

  • Design (including discovering and designing solutions)
  • Deliver (refining solutions and developing programmes) and
  • Optimise (implementing transformation and optimising for scale)

We can support you to develop and implement:

  • Digitally enabled care models and pathways
  • Blended solutions between automation and staffed call centres to validate and manage waiting lists
  • Integrated ways of working and optimise the workforce
  • Shared care records and data sharing across providers
  • Digital solutions for care access
  • Remote monitoring tools and virtual health
  • Patient facing AI such as self service and chat bots
  • Digital infrastructure for diagnostics and investigation
  • Upskilling training to enable digital value and efficiency.

Our key strengths

  • Understanding the dynamics of healthcare working in the NHS
  • Embodying NHS core values and culture
  • An experienced team with specialist skills in fundamental and complex areas including clinical, change management, digital innovation and information governance
  • A unique position to provide a blend of services based on your individual digital transformation needs
  • An innovator and incubator of digital solutions in a healthcare context
  • Drawing upon a partnership network of external industry leaders
  • A system partner that facilitates knowledge sharing between systems and replicates services across the ICS landscape.

Key leads

Clare Thomason

Lead for services in Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside

Miranda Pilkington

Lead for services to NHS England and national bodies

Debbie Bywater

Lead for Digital transformation and IT

We think you’ll need

  • Strategic planning of large scale transformation towards integrated digital healthcare
  • Minimise disruption and achieve a smooth transition to the effective functioning of digital processes and human practices
  • Redesign clinical pathways with technology in mind to improve quality of care
  • Use technology to improve access to care and create the best patient experience
  • Sustain and build upon innovation in digitally-enabled care accelerated by COVID-19
  • Support the workforce to realise the benefits of new ways of working
  • Establish connectivity and data sharing practices between multiple IT systems to enable integrated care records
  • Find affordable and sustainable digital solutions to achieve system and cost efficiency.
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News, views and case studies

14 May 2024

New Podcast: Revolutionising patient engagement and care with personalised healthcare videos

Join host Richard Caddy for another thought-provoking session in our latest podcast with our Digital Innovation Unit. Tune in to “Inside NHS Midlands…

1 May 2024

Study reveals promising early outcomes of NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

Obesity is a pressing global health challenge, linked to various chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and certain cancers.…

18 April 2024

Registration open for NHS-R Community annual conference 

We are incredibly excited to announce that ticket registration for NHS-R/NHS.pycom Open-Source Conference (RPySOC) 2024 is open! The conference is taking place…

12 April 2024

New podcast: Lessons from the Clive Treacey Review

In this three-segment podcast sequence, part of our Inside ML series, we discuss the lessons learnt from the Clive Treacey Review about…

27 February 2024

In-depth analysis and insight: A cancer pathway review within Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Integrated Care Board

As referenced in the national NHS priorities and operational planning guidance for 2023/24, the significance of early cancer diagnosis is an NHS…

30 January 2024

Data-driven personalised health videos and their role in supporting healthcare services

The Digital Innovation Unit (DIU), along with their commercial partner Citizen Communications, are hosting an event on the 31 January and 1 February…

19 December 2023

Supporting the transition to an integrated care board

Our Digital Transformation team’s expertise in programme management significantly enhanced an integrated care system’s readiness for the 2023 integrated care board (ICB)…

13 December 2023

Enhancing programme management office functions at Lancashire and South Cumbria integrated care system

Our Digital Transformation team’s in-depth review and strategic guidance significantly improved Lancashire and South Cumbria integrated care system’s programme management office, leading…

22 November 2023

New podcast: How automated innovations are helping to reduce hospital waiting times

Recorded live at the Digital Healthcare Show 2023, host Andy Downton engages in a captivating conversation with Priyantha Jayawardane, Deputy Director of…

13 October 2023

Strengthening Dudley Integrated Health and Care Trusts operations through programme management

Our programme management capabilities significantly enhanced the operations of Dudley Integrated Health and Care Trust, ensuring timely project completion and embedding a…

28 September 2023

Unlocking collaboration and efficiency: Introducing our organisational GitHub account and R package 

What are these game-changing tools?  GitHub: the hub of collaboration  Scott Johnson, Business Intelligence Lead, NHS ML NHS Midlands and Lancashire’s (NHS…

27 September 2023

IT integration and facility upgrade for the Shawbirch Medical Centre

Our Digital Transformation team seamlessly transitioned Shawbirch Medical Centre to their new facility, introducing advanced IT systems, successfully integrating neurology services, and…

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