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Our mission is to enhance the patient experience and outcomes by supporting decision-making processes at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

The Nursing and Urgent Care team is your trusted partner for specialist, independent, clinical and analytical guidance on a regional, national and international scale.

With a wealth of senior clinical and operational experience, our team is uniquely positioned within the NHS and broader health and care systems to serve as an independent ally. We’re committed to driving improvements in your key areas – offering a critical, friendly perspective to facilitate positive change.

Our expertise extends beyond clinical care and governance. We specialise in pathway and system transformation, urgent care flow and redesign, discharge optimisation, and capacity management. We offer expert insights and solutions to address your unique challenges and enhance your system’s efficacy – improving outcomes for patients.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record in enhancing urgent care pathways. We support evidence-based understanding and decision-making for a variety of providers, including new and existing integrated care providers (‘place’), integrated care boards, integrated care systems, and NHS England.

Urgent care support and escalation management

Supporting whole system partners to ensure patients receive the care they need, when they need it.

With extensive experience in urgent and emergency care co-ordination and delivery, we offer more than a data platform. Our solutions bring together our team of clinical and operational experts and data scientists to support the optimisation of unplanned care across whole health and social care systems, measuring and facilitating the management of provider and system pressures and supporting partners to deliver better patient care.

Escalation Management System – EMS+

A dynamic, web-based escalation management system that helps to assess and manage operational pressures in real-time across all providers in a system, generating OPEL reports and action cards.

System Control Centres

Enhance your healthcare system’s efficiency with our Regional Capacity Management Team – experienced specialists in urgent care escalation management – for deep insights to steer effective and strategic solutions.

Download our Urgent care support and escalation management brochure.

Urgent care and patient flow

Right treatment, right time, right team – our approach to enhancing patient care and experience.

We bring rapid improvements to reduce length of stay and improve patient outcomes. We do this by tailoring innovative best in class solutions for your unique healthcare environment. Our expertise improves patient experience, saves costs, and accelerates patients’ access to the treatment they need.

Urgent and Emergency Care and Flow improvement

Working alongside clinicians to address challenges, analyse and enhance current systems to maximise results for system-driven improvement where it is needed most.

Targeted Reduction in Length of Stay programme

Harnessing data and clinical insights for clinician-to-clinician discussions to devise and agree actions for driving and anchoring sustainable changes in pathways and processes. 

Download our Urgent care and patient flow brochure.

Clinical quality and safety

We have the experience and scale to act as your partner in delivering excellence.

Leveraging recent clinical, peer review and CQC experience, our clinicians are uniquely positioned to enhance both NHS and wider health and care system delivery. We collaborate closely with teams to ensure services align with established standards, promote best practice, and enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Download our Clinical quality and safety brochure.

Contact the team

Urgent care, support and escalation management:
Justine Howe, Head of Urgent Care – email: or contact 07823 808080

Urgent care and patient flow:
Justine Howe, Head of Urgent Care – email: or contact 07823 808080

Clinical quality and safety:
Kelly Bishop, Assistant Director of Nursing and Urgent Care – email: or contact 07855 223991

Our passionate and dedicated team doesn’t just provide solutions; we join you on your journey towards unparalleled patient care and system efficiency. We partner with you, work hand-in-hand, sharing your vision and commitment to delivering excellence.

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