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MLCSU Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

Under the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017, employers with 250 or more employees are required to publish their organisation’s gender pay gap information (for the previous year) by 30 March each year.

As at the 31 March 2021 the organisation had 1816 employees. The organisation is predominately female, making up 66% of the workforce. 

Gender Profile

The gender profile of MLCSU is as follows:

33.7% Male

66.3% Female

Remuneration Policy

The AfC job evaluation system measures jobs, not individuals, against a structured framework.  The scored process determines the pay band of a role, bands 2 to 9.

The remuneration of senior managers and directors is set through the Executive and Senior Managers (ESM) pay framework.

NHS pay is governed by HM Treasury‘s pay remit and subject to current public sector pay rules and pay restraints.

What is our gender pay gap?

Based on Government methodology:

  Mean hourly rate Median hourly rate
Male 20.8942 19.3771
Female 18.3154 16.9664
Difference 2.5789 2.4107
Pay Gap % 12.3424 12.4412

The data presents a gender pay gap within MLCSU in both mean and median hourly rates.  This this is not the same as saying women and men are being paid differently for doing the same job.

What proportion of males and females are in each pay quartile?

Quartile 1 = Lower hourly pay quarter

Quartile 2 = Lower middle hourly pay quarter

Quartile 3 = Upper middle hourly pay quarter

Quartile 4 = Upper hourly pay quarter

Quartile Female % Male %
1 73.83 26.17
2 66.22 33.78
3 70.05 29.95
4 55.38 44.62

51% of the population of England are female, 55% of MLCSU staff in the upper pay quartile are women.  However, the majority of workers in lower quartile (lowest paid) jobs are also women. Males are more highly represented in higher paid jobs.

What is our bonus gender pay gap?

There are no male or female workers in receipt of bonus payments in MLCSU.

MLCSU does not have a bonus gender pay gap. MLCSU has not paid bonuses to its employees, despite provision to do so as part of ESM pay arrangements. There is no scope for bonus payments within the Agenda for Change terms and conditions of service.

What are we doing to close the gap?

MLCSU is committed to addressing the gender pay gap and is undertaking a range of actions to reduce the gap and ensure an equal and inclusive workplace:

  • Investing in EDI
  • Reviewing our inclusive approaches to recruitment and talent management
  • Providing our workforce with greater flexibility to carry out their role
  • Offering a range of flexible working options
  • Having transparency in promotion, pay and reward processes
  • Driving a culture to support belonging
  • Responding to staff surveys, with action, to make improvements
  • Supporting the development and growth of our local Staff Networks.