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Free access to a range of medicines optimisation content

Welcome to our new web product where you can access free content to help improve medicines optimisation support. Visit the new website at to learn about opportunities for improving your current services.

Content is regularly updated and packed full of useful resources such as case studies and reports which detail how to achieve best practice outcomes. There is a wide range of innovative projects we delivered while working with integrated care systems, primary care networks and other organisations in the healthcare, government, voluntary and private sectors.

Under our ‘Services’ and ‘Publications’ sections, you can learn more about service improvement opportunities, for example:

  • Implementation of new medicines services such as electronic repeat dispensing and national Community Pharmacy Consultation Services (CPCS)
  • Assurance and professional support to get the best from your primary care network’s pharmacy team
  • Support for improving medicines use in care homes.

Find out about our range of support and keep up to date with our latest offering:

  • Project consultancy delivered by working in collaborative partnerships
  • Area Prescribing Committees
  • Medicines Safety Assurance Tool (MSAT)
  • Primary care rebate schemes
  • Care home services including training webinars and educational programmes
  • High cost drugs validation/Blueteq management
  • QIPP implementation service
  • Prescribing analytics at scale
  • Prescribing newsletter
  • And much more.

Whether you’re an existing customer or would like to learn about our full suite of services, the website provides a convenient way to contact us directly for more details.

Finally, if you are an NHS or private sector medicines management professional, the dedicated ‘Careers’ section will help you understand the diversity of our portfolio and why working for the Midlands and Lancashire CSU’s Medicines Management and Optimisation team will be a great next move in your career development.


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