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Our board members are passionate about patient care and shaping the future of the NHS. They are all experts in their respective fields and have a wealth of experience in healthcare and other, related industries.

With clear leadership from Derek Kitchen, our board is committed to delivering the best possible results for customers, patients and the public. Their expertise and ability to create long-term productive relationships with partner organisations is unmatched.

Adam Burgess-Evanss headshot

Adam Burgess-Evans

Director of People

Qadeer Kianis headshot

Qadeer Kiani

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Board Advisor

Janet Budds headshot

Janet Budd

Deputy Managing Director and Director of Strategy

Debbie Bywaters headshot

Debbie Bywater

Chief Information Officer

Tony Matthewss headshot

Tony Matthews

Director of Finance

Clare Thomasons headshot

Clare Thomason

Director of Delivery, UK

Elizabeth Millers headshot

Elizabeth Miller

Director of Nursing and Clinical Services

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