We have a clear and well-established approach to working with local health economies to support integrated care provision and commissioning. Working with some of the most advanced integrated health and care economies in the NHS, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide not just support, but leadership too. We are a real catalyst for practical change.

With our partners, we have the capacity and capability to provide transformation advisory support at scale to a national footprint. We have an excellent track record for engaging patients and carers to co-design improvements to patient pathways, decision-making processes, and the information that patients and carers receive at each stage.

We are proud of our role in supporting organisations to initiate, adopt and sustain at-scale quality and cost improvement programmes. Our systems assurance expertise helps to maximise economies of scale and value for money, unlocking funds for investment in better care quality and technological advances.

Our expertise in improving patient outcomes through medicines management and optimisation is nationally recognised.