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Integrating data for the Combined Intelligence for Population Health Action (CIPHA) platform

We helped key stakeholders in the Cheshire and Merseyside health system see combined intelligence reports on capacity and demand for health services, allowing them to respond to COVID-19 quickly.


The CIPHA (Combined Intelligence for Population Health Action) platform was developed to bring together health and social care datasets within the Cheshire and Merseyside health system. The aim was to help inform key decisions when responding to COVID-19. Since October 2020, the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit have been supporting the CIPHA programme with business intelligence (BI).


The Cheshire and Merseyside BI team have been providing daily reports to CIPHA. These reports cover COVID-19 testing, cases, deaths,  outbreak identification, hospital admissions, capacity and demand, discharge reporting, vaccination reporting and much more.

The team continue to provide a full end to end service in the tracking of capacity and demand for out of hospital (OOH) services. Support includes data processing, data quality validations and reporting, and also helping with any changes to the reports within the CIPHA platform.


We have facilitated a process to ensure that key stakeholders within the health system see CIPHA reports in a timely manner. This has informed clinical commissioning groups leads, provider trusts leads and others to make key decisions when responding to COVID-19.

The support provided in tracking capacity and demand for OOH services has helped the system leaders to understand current demand for OOH services including activity, case loads, bed occupancy and waits as related to intermediate care, community care, mental health services and social care. This has then enabled provider trusts to understand and utilise capacity in the community when discharging patients.

It is a real pleasure working with you. Thank you to the BI team for your unparalleled professionalism and knowledge, and for investing your time and effort in doing an excellent job with a fantastically experienced hand. Nothing is too much to ask, and all our needs  are met with a smile. Having your support for the Demand and Capacity OOH Tracker meant we could rely on seeing up to date and easy to understand data, which helped system stakeholders make quick and informed decisions.

Helen Duckworth| Associate Director of Business Intelligence, Cheshire & Merseyside ICS