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Creating a cutting-edge website for an innovative primary care organisation

We created a user-friendly, scalable website for England’s first GP super-partnership.

The nation’s first GP super-partnership, The Modality Partnership is a single GP practice that operates nationally. It had an established web presence, but due to expansion across myriad GP practices and a wide area (including Birmingham, Sandwell, Walsall, Hull, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and East Surrey) the website had become unfit for purpose.

The Partnership required a scalable, intelligent website it could amend, enhance and develop as it recruited further GP practices, incorporating their websites. Due to the rapid expansion of the organisation, the website also had to be easily navigable for users from around the country looking for information regarding their locality specifically.

We created a scalable, modular website that used geolocation technology to provide an intuitive, aesthetic experience for all users. We developed an automated user journey for staff, patients and prospective patients, but also provided the option for easy manual navigation.

The bespoke content management system we built provided GP practices with their own templated area of the wider Modality website. Our modular solution gave practices all the facets of a basic, standalone website. With a short training session, a new GP practice could develop their area. This CMS linked through to the geolocation technology, and the interactive map of the country we built for people interested in areas outside of their current location, to ensure that the information on each GP practice sat within the correct portion of the website.

Our solution delivered a cutting-edge, innovative website that acted as an enabler for The Modality Partnership as they continued to deliver innovation in healthcare by expanding their nationwide operation further.

We created a bespoke digital tool that works with the current Modality operating model and can expand and flex to meet the requirements of an organisation at the forefront of innovation in the NHS.

The website works across multiple devices with an ‘app’-like aesthetic.

Recognising the user’s location, the website automatically directs them to information regarding their nearest GP practices. From here, they can navigate to their own GP practice page – if they are already a member of a Modality GP practice – or they can investigate their local practices and request to join. This approach helped Modality mobilise within new areas with ease, making them accessible to established patients as well as making it easy for new patients to enquire or join.

The CSU set up a digital platform with bespoke functionality and have successfully delivered a cutting edge, industry-leading website. We now have a website that is highly intuitive and recognises users by their geolocation and automatically directs them to the information most relevant to them. As we mobilise in different localities across the UK, this powerful digital tool combined with the functionality contained within it, will help us to drive up digital engagement for our patients and GP practices. The CSU communications team delivered to our agreed timeframe, provided well thought out solutions and were always on hand to help when we needed them.
Sian Sansum, Head of Communications, The Modality Partnership

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