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Seamus McGirr

Seamus has a career spanning over 35 years in emergency care and has been a board-level director in commissioning and provision for more than a decade. He has led much of the national work on appropriateness of care, care and resource utilisation, and developing measures of effectiveness and responsiveness in community care. Seamus is co-author of the Department of Health and Social Care’s ‘Care and Utilisation’ paper and is well known across the UK for the innovative use of analytics to inform safe, effective and responsive care.

Seamus has a wide range of nursing skills and experience, which supports him to be a champion and leader for the nursing profession. Seamus’s professional commitments have led him to develop not only safe and cutting-edge care but – using his skills of persuasion and relentless focus on evidence – he has been able to deploy and embed innovative working practices that result in safer, more effective care. In turn, that has improved patients’ experiences and care outcomes.

Seamus is always focussed on the highest quality of care driven through the creation and development of high performing and person/population centred systems.