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Be ahead of the + trigger with EMS

EMS+ was made for health and social care organisations at strategic, tactical and operational levels to measure operational pressures, and effectively co-ordinate patient flow through their health economy. Real-time decision-making is made possible using live flows of information from A&E, ambulance and hospital wards and real-time patient tracking – all with support from our Regional Capacity Management Team.

Visit our EMS+ microsite for more information.

Urgent Care Intelligence Centre

Part of the RCMT, you will also benefit from access to the Urgent Care Intelligence Centre. Managed by a select group of experienced NHS personnel, with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of urgent care flow, the centre provides analytical and operational support 7am-10pm daily.

Designed specifically to meet operational service demand, the centre offers an invaluable resource to on-call directors of both provider and commissioner organisations. It’s a central contact point for all urgent care reporting, alerting and co-ordination across health economies.

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