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It’s important that patients who are eligible for primary healthcare or long-term support have fair access to the high quality care they need at an affordable cost.

Our Personalised Healthcare Commissioning team aims to deliver the best possible experience of assessment, review and care planning for people with continuing healthcare and complex healthcare needs in a way that ensures commissioners are compliant, assured and offered value for money.

Our service is led by expert clinical and commissioning staff, who have significant experience of delivering to the national frameworks and supporting patients and their families through the assessment process and beyond.

We also work closely with healthcare providers, local authorities and other partners to ensure patient safety and experience are at the heart of the process. Our partnerships with legal advisors can provide easy access to support if this is required.

Our approach is proactive and practical, avoiding delays and ensuring uninterrupted care and support through handover periods.

We understand the importance of personal health budgets and can support you to implement policies and procedures to help people manage their care in a way that suits them.