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We provide:

  • Professional advice to our customers on the best procurement routes to take to ensure compliance with EU Procurement Regulations and customer Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs)
  • Advice on supply chain markets
  • Raising and issue of electronic purchase orders to suppliers
  • Resolution of complex purchase to pay issues
  • Policing of customer SFIs in relation to procurement issues
  • Carry out procurement exercises on behalf of our customers – tendering, both above and below the EU thresholds, or mini-competitions against framework contracts
  • Dedicated nominated contact points – email and telephone
  • Professional help in relation accessing frameworks
  • Strategic spend analysis and category management


  • Contract management advice and software
  • Full reporting service  – including agreed key performance indicators
  • Collaboration opportunities to ensure value for money
  • Proven savings reporting systems in line with NHS England reporting arrangements
  • Monitoring and provision of procurement reports for audit committees
  • Quotation service
  • Catalogue loading and management
  • Oracle systems expertise
  • Implementation and experience of delivery of ePay
  • Specialist support for supply chain issues.
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