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We provide:

Guidance on Policy and Legislation

  • Knowledge and guidance regarding equality and human rights legislation – including alerts on changes and updates
  • Equality advice and guidance to ensure ‘due regard’ is given in line with the Public Sector Equality Duty (Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010)
  • Annual reports in line with the Public Sector Equality duty
  • Guidance and support for NHS mandated legal requirements, such as the Accessible Information Standard and Workforce Race Equality Standard
  • Guidance and support in planning for forthcoming legislative requirements, such as the Workforce Disability Equality Standard (preparatory year 2017)

Strategy and Planning

  • Proactive strategic and operational support – including strategy and action plan development
  • Damage limitation – advice and support to manage adverse public reaction or media coverage

Projects Services, Assessments and Training

  • A full range of assessments including Equality Impact and Risk (EIRA), Human Rights and Health Inequalities
  • Advice and training or your team on how to carry out these assessments
Equality & Inclusion Project Team Leaflet
Equality & Inclusion Project Team Leaflet
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Equality and Inclusion Service Brochure
Equality and Inclusion Service Brochure
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Innovative Online Solutions

  • Secure, online system for recording Equality Impact and Risk Assessments – UAssure
  • User friendly
  • Online and secure
  • Shared and managed access
  • Document control
  • User support
  • Robust processes and integrated checks

NHS Specific Services

  • Support specifically tailored to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • A monitoring service for provider equality compliance
  • Support for commissioning, procurement  and tendering processes
  • Support specifically tailored to Primary Care providers: please see our Primary Care service flyer

Unconscious Bias Training

  • Overview of equality legislation
  • The importance and benefits of inclusive decision making
  • Types of discrimination and managing inappropriate behaviours
  • Understanding unconscious bias and its impact on decision making in commissioning
  • Subtle acts of exclusion and the effects
  • Find out more
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