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MLCSU is a specialist consultancy and programme and project management service provider with a proven track record in the management and delivery of digital and transformational programmes.

We understand the dynamics of the healthcare project delivery market and deliver high-quality services and resources at a competitive cost.

Our project management services offer an objective, professional approach to managing risks associated with project implementation.

Our affordable cost model

We work with you to scope and forecast the project resources required. This triggers your volume discount rate and helps you to use our predictable cost model, irrespective of how resources flex up and down throughout the project. This means you only pay for what you use.

Key strengths

  • Resources: Resource management, demand management, identification of resources.
  • Cost: Cost containment, value for money, utility billing model, business case development.
  • Risk Management: Expertise and experience, business analysis, performance guaranteed by KPIs and SLAs.
  • Change: Ability to respond to business demands and change, flexibility of scale and cost.
  • Reporting: Our tried and tested Programme and Project Management Tool.

Governance: Comprehensive governance processes, visibility and control, PMO tools.

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