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We start by being clear on your aims and objectives for the service. This may involve a diagnostic phase or reviewing your existing contracts to enable you to make informed decisions about whether to continue contracts, cease them or put them out to tender.

Our services include:

  • Contract review
  • Provider market assessment and development
  • Pre-procurement decision making
  • Contract award and provider mobilisation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Quality and performance management
  • Ongoing contract management.

Our clear performance reports help you to identify how well suppliers are delivering on their commitments and we suggest actions and levers where suppliers aren’t meeting their contractual requirements. Our risk log also keeps you up to speed about the types and levels of risk and, where poor performance has been identified, we can bring in experts to mediate or organise turnaround teams to help improve the situation.

In all of our work, we follow the highest information governance standards and we have developed a special tool for small non-NHS providers to download non-standard data safely.

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