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Our embedded and central teams get close to your business and use this insight to accelerate the use of valuable information so that you can meet your objectives and deliver ever-better health outcomes for the people you serve.

Our technical specialists will provide you with the information you require, at a time and in a format that is suitable for you. We offer a responsive and dynamic service, which we can adapt according to your needs.

We can help you to understand and predict demand and enable you to make informed financial decisions. We can support you to identify commissioning opportunities, manage your plans and evaluate the impact of your choices on patients and service providers.

Our services include:

  • A wide range of reports and tools to enable you to monitor and forecast activity, spend, performance and outcomes
  • Comprehensive and detailed benchmarking against national and local peers to understand and evaluate commissioning opportunities
  • Bespoke analysis to help you to understand and predict demand and to make decisions on investment to inform local health strategy planning
  • Real-time urgent care tools and risk stratification to identify where need is greatest so that you are able to target clinical interventions that improve outcomes for patients.

We use cutting-edge reporting tools, such as Aristotle and Analyst Server, which enable us to provide you with insightful and timely health intelligence.

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