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Our business intelligence team helps health systems with data-driven population health management (PHM).

PHM helps you deliver the NHS Long Term Plan’s aim to move from delivering care that mainly responds when someone becomes unwell to a system of targeted early intervention and prevention. That way, the focus moves from treating illness to having a system wide response to prevent and reduce the impact of illness. The result? A better quality of life, outcomes and experience for local people.

Data and intelligence underpin PHM. We can bring together all of your health system’s data from the wider determinants of health to create actionable intelligence. This helps you, as system leaders, identify and meet the needs of unique population groups and individuals.


  • Blend your data with other sources to provide you with person, PCN, place and neighbourhood-level intelligence
  • Profile and segment your blended data to group similar people together to better understand populations and target focused intervention
  • Group your population into ‘cohorts of risk’ with similar health challenges
  • Mine your data for more opportunities to find patterns
  • Develop collaborative insights with you to identify focus areas, triangulate understanding, explore unwarranted variation, generate hypotheses and inform impactibility models.

Our in-house PHM tool allows cohort segmentation at all levels from ICS/STP to GP Practice. Additionally, based on guidance issued by NHSE/I, MLCSU has built in a Covid Risk Segmentation function enabling strategic and operational analysis plus identification of citizens who are most vulnerable to Covid-19 clinically, mentally and socially.

The tool delivers views from ICS/STP level to individual person level according to a range of criteria selected by the user. This forms a breadth of clinical and social information for Covid-19 and population health management.

Find out more about the tool.

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