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Our innovative Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) and Integrated Care System (ICS) service offers support the move to improve outcomes, health and wellbeing for all populations, within limited resources.

Already aligned to support implementation of the Carter Report and the NHS Five Year Forward View, the services we offer assist with infrastructure, insight, impact and intervention. We have experts in various fields leading thinking to enable transformation and we provide flexibility to keep pace with evolving technology and systems. We bring expertise, experience, delivery at scale, and the ability to perform the role of broker.

In order to help the delivery of more person and population-centred care, we are supplementing core capabilities with advanced innovations, including:

  • Tools that identify patients who are at high risk of an adverse event and are likely to be amenable to a particular intervention
  • Electronic patient records that give clinicians across all care settings a full picture of their patient’s health and wellbeing
  • Enhanced tools to support the monitoring of wider system programmes and to integrate clinical workflow with patient activation data to ensure patients are being treated at the right place and time
  • Support for creating a fundamental cultural shift in how clinicians, managers and patients use these new digital technologies, data tools and innovations to deliver meaningful improvements to care.

Bespoke packages of services bring together elements from our own specialist services and also from our network of trusted partners.

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