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Locality-based working: a FREE learning and networking event from The Strategy Unit

WHEN: Tuesday 17thJuly 2018, 10:00-16:00
WHERE: Birmingham Conferences and Events Centre, Hill Street, Birmingham, B5 4EW

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

Locality-based working is at the heart of integrated care. The fundamental idea is simple: multi-disciplinary teams working together to improve the health of local populations.

But this simplicity soon ends.

Hear from The Strategy Unit and others who are leading the conversation around ‘locality’ working and be part of the discussion as to what to do next:

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Nick Harding OBE (Chair Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG & NHSE Senior Medical Advisor to Primary Care ICS)
  • Peter Spilsbury (Director, The Strategy Unit)
  • Tim Cooper (Director, West Midlands Quality Review Service)
  • Anna Hammond (Deputy Executive for Commissioning and Planning – Primary and Integrated Care, Telford & Wrekin CCG) and Louise Mills (Service Delivery Manager Prevention and Health Improvement, Telford and Wrekin Council)

Register for the event here

Event themes

Through its research and engagement, The Strategy Unit has seen incredible diversity in the following areas which will provide discussion themes for the network:

  • AIMS: Are locality teams there to reduce emergency admissions? Improve public health? Aid primary care? Address workforce challenges?
  • TARGETING: Should locality teams focus on the most ‘at risk’? People with long-term conditions? The whole population?
  • COMPOSITION: Is this all about health and social care? Where does mental health and public health fit in? What about the voluntary sector and wider determinants such as housing services?
  • SIZE: What population size is ‘best’? 30,000? 50,000? 70,000? 100,000 plus? Should it be based around GP practices or are there other geographies to consider such as Local Authority boundaries?
  • OPERATION: Single teams with a single management structure? Multiple networked teams? Separate teams in the same area?
  • LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION: Which organisations lead locality development? Are teams coached / performance managed / left alone? Have they got the tools to be self-improving? How do they innovate?
  • TERMINOLOGY: Are there real differences between: ‘integrated community teams’, ‘Primary Care Homes’, ‘primary care networks’, ‘neighbourhood teams’, ‘care hubs’, etc?

The Strategy Unit wants to support locality working. We see great potential for improving the way services are provided and experienced, but we also see a need for significant work to bring greater clarity and support to localities.

More fundamentally, we see a need to bring people together. We want to help people designing, leading, managing and working in locality teams to exchange experience and learn from peers.

To this end, The Strategy Unitis running this FREE event, including excellent speakers and insights from our work. We also want to hear from participants: what do you think is needed to make locality-based working the best it can be? Attending this day will give you automatic access to our Localities Learning Networkwhere you will be able to connect with each other and access learning as it develops.