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Inspiring future generations

Emma Robinson, Finance Business Partner with our Customer Finance Team, has been inspiring future generations as an ambassador for the NHS. Here’s how:

NHS Ambassador – Inspiring the Future by Emma Robinson

NHS 70 celebrations were in full swing and I noticed a tweet from an organisation called Inspiring the Future. They were calling for NHS ambassadors to sign up and spend some time with school age children to help with careers advice.

As a mum myself, I’ve lost count of the number of conversations we’ve had at my house where we try as parents, to provide as much information as we can about career choices. Unfortunately I haven’t been a pilot, a midwife or an electrician so I’m probably not the best person to solely give this advice.

This is why I loved this concept straight away. An opportunity for children and young adults to meet with a whole host of professionals who can explain what a day in their shoes looks like.

When you sign up, you fill in your profile with what you can offer. For example having been through a number of recruitment processes, I was able to offer advice on soft skills and interview techniques. Schools then view your profile and invite you to their events.

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to two primary schools and two secondary schools. The primary schools were to talk about our own job and career paths, the secondary schools were more formal with the most recent one being mock interviews. I was given five students and they each had an interview slot. Once I had finished, I gave them feedback and advice and I have to say, I was blown away by the level of preparation and the depth of their answers at ages 15 and 16.

Not one to miss an opportunity, I also managed to speak to an RAF careers officer who gave me his email address for my 16-year-old son! All round result.

If you could offer one or two afternoons, I’d encourage everyone to sign up. The whole experience has so far, been extremely rewarding and I’ve met some really amazing young people with a great sense of humour!

The link to sign up is here.