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Saving time in the core invoicing process

We saved time from data processing by introducing a new tool to streamline data entry when invoicing key customers.

The Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) used a manual process to monitor its main contracts with key customers. This data was sent in spreadsheet form to the Order to Cash (O2C) team to create the monthly invoices manually into the ledger. This process was extremely time consuming for the following reasons:

  • There was multiple handling of the data between different functions to manipulate into different formats
  • Each individual invoice had to be raised and approved separately on ledger and on average took 15 minutes per invoice
  • Risk of errors was high due to multiple handling of the data.

We worked with NHS England and Improvement and Shared Business Services (SBS) to develop an invoice upload template.  This allows the direct upload of multiple invoices into the ledger streamlining the data entry process on the ledger.

The O2C team and income team then worked together to understand the needs and interdependencies of the information required and remapped the data collation to avoid having to rework this multiple times.

The tool and process was initially tested, and a procedure note produced so the knowledge could be shared across the team.


This process has saved 2.5 hours per month of data processing and checking time.

It has also allowed for greater efficiency leaving time to be invested adding value to other activities.

“This review of the process allowed us to use technology available to quickly streamline and improve the process.  Driving efficiency allows us to invest time in adding value.”

Lyn Tallentire, Deputy Finance Director, MLCSU