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Dynamic annual reporting for West Midlands Academic Health Science Network


We produced a dynamic, interactive, case-study-based annual report for West Midlands Academic Health Science Network.


West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) wanted a stand-out, engaging annual report that was as innovative and interactive as possible. The focus was on showcasing the 40 plus programmes WMAHSN supports, with emphasis on the impact they are having on the local population. The brief was to be succinct, with extensive use of infographics and case studies. The digital version was to include embedded, interactive video content whilst a traditional printed version was also required for events and mailouts.


Our communications and engagement team suggested using gifographics (animated graphics) for extra interactivity and impact. We designed these as well as infographics and incorporated them and WMAHSN’s short video case studies into a digital annual report. We conducted interviews to create a further 22 short written case studies for the report. For the printed version, gifographics were replaced by further infographics, and the YouTube links were included.

The design used the WMAHSN’s branding, with colours from the corporate colour palette used to express the four impact elements.


Our design garnered such a positive response that it has been used as the basis for refreshing WMAHSN’s branding. The videos and graphics can also be used as bite-sized resources in other ways, such as presentations and social media content.

The printed annual report, the accompanying digital version and the annual report video were all delivered on time for WMAHSN’s Celebration of Innovation event. Verbal feedback from WMAHSN stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive.

“We are an innovative organisation, so we were looking to do a very innovative annual report. We were particularly keen to have a publication that used our branding in a fresh way, showcased our impacts and allowed us to track the statistics, but most of all, was attractive and eminently readable… The result was a bright, inspiring printed report with a matching interactive digital version, with ‘real people’ providing easily digestible information.

“Working with Midlands and Lancashire CSU was a pleasure from start to finish. The team was very easy to work with, accessible at any time and incredibly creative in how they used our branding, right down to the last detail. The case studies were exactly what we were looking for, and we have been able to use these and the gifographics in videos, presentations and other publications, so we have been able to really maximise the content.”

Sarah Millard | Head of Communications, WMAHSN