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Better efficiency in uploading the financial forecast

We halved the time it takes to load the financial forecast into the ledger and reduced the risk of errors.

The Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) used a manual process to load the financial forecast into the ledger by changing each subjective code line by line. This process was extremely time consuming for the following reasons:

  • It was necessary to run multiple reports from the ledger to extract the data to create the forecast journals
  • Checks had to be made to ensure the journals had achieved the desired position and we could make corrections if necessary
  • The risk of errors was high due to the reports having opposite signs to the journal entry requirements.

The bulk upload template is Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) and allows for multiple lines (or cost centres) to be amended in one go.

The Forecast Out Turn uploader tool ensures that there are no errors prior to the upload as there are control checks embedded within. The tool also populates the income the correct way so that when a report is downloaded, this is captured and mirrored in the accurate way.

The tool was initially tested, and a procedure note produced so the knowledge could be shared across the team.  Based on experience it was identified this was only effective if you were changing multiple lines (or multiple costs centres) as downloading the Web ADI can take some time.


Within the first month the tool was implemented there was a 50% efficiency achieved despite the learning curve of implementing.

This approach has also been embedded into month-end processes and is providing ongoing benefits.

“This review of the process allowed us to use technology available to quickly streamline and improve the process.  Driving efficiency allows us to invest time in adding value.”
Lyn Tallentire, Deputy Finance Director, MLCSU