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Our leaders ensure that we have an organisation-wide focus on the development and delivery of innovative, partner-focused solutions through our structure, our culture and our approach to provider collaboration.

Our leadership team has been in place since our creation in 2012 and through the merger of Staffordshire, Lancashire and Central Midlands CSUs. Our core approach is one of distributed leadership, with staff at all levels supported to lead with confidence, passion and skill. A common vision, a consistent set of values and a high-performing culture have been implemented across the whole organisation.

The success of this approach is shown in our position as the best-performing CSU in England, with the highest staff and customer satisfaction scores. Our staff are empowered to think, innovate and share learning about improvements in technology, people or patient outcomes.

Our leadership ethos extends to our well-established relationships with service provider partners and suppliers who support our behaviours, values, and ways of working. Success in leading and trebling the size of our organisation and partner base demonstrates that we can scale, innovate and share best practice across STPs/ICSs.

Our directors are aligned to one or more of the STP/ICSs within our current partner geography. Together with our senior managers they bring considerable experience from both the public and private sectors, giving us a strong commercial, innovation-focused perspective, combined with core values rooted in NHS delivery. At the heart of our vision is making a positive difference for patients.

Our associate directors are experts in relationship management expertise and have experience of bringing different service providers, organisations and health systems together to deliver a shared vision. Through personal example and day-to-day engagement, they communicate the values that underpin all of our work. This is cascaded throughout our teams.